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Written by:

Rich Ryan



Directed by:

Terri Muuss



Choreography by:

Tracey Katof



Featuring music by:

Athena Reich





About the Show                            


Lemon Meringue is a moving, one-act rollercoaster ride through the therapeutic process of Rich, a typical guy from Long Island. As Rich struggles to overcome the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse, we witness his anger and pain slowly giving way to happiness and forgiveness. This true story, told through music, dance and dialogue, illustrates one manís inspirational journey towards survival and finding, then healing, his inner child. Written by Rich Ryan, with original music by Athena Reich, Lemon Meringue is a compelling success story that should not be missed. It will leave your heart soaring.


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About the Writer


Rich has been a survivor since 2003. He has attended many male survivor conferences and his artwork has been displayed at various survivor shows. He is devoted to raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse and helping others heal from the effects. He has dedicated this play to all those who have perished from childhood sexual abuse as well as those who continue to struggle.

"The strength and courage that survivors show never ceases to amaze me.  We truly are powerful people."

- Rich Ryan (Bio)


* Lemon Meringue is an Equity Approved Showcase *

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